4-rounds Shiva Eye Ring

Handcrafted 4 rounds Shiva Eye Ring


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Product Description

4 rounds Shiva Eye Ring

Sterling Silver 925

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this 4 rounds Shiva Eye ring pops up!  Unique, Unusual, Utterly Perfect!  You will be amazed by this fully adjustable ring. Made up of 4 small rounds of the Shiva Eye shell it can be fully adjusted to suit any finger. You can pull the 4 rounds right out so it sits the length of the whole bottom part of your finger. Or you can push the Shiva Eye rounds together to have a more compact ring.

Made with 925 Sterling Silver this ring is for the lady that likes “different”.

Available also in Red Sponge Coral, Abalone & Mother of Pearl

Ring Size: Adjustable


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