Sterling Silver Large Seahorse Pendant

Sterling Silver Large Seahorse Pendant


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Sterling Silver Large Seahorse Pendant

Sterling Silver, 925

Sterling Silver Large Seahorse Pendant. Dont you just love the mystical Seahorse?

Seahorses are intriguing little creatures. They bob and drift in the water, awkwardly swimming while constantly eating. They look sort of like horses, and really nothing at all like fish.

Their scientific name is hippocampus, which has roots in the Greek “hippo,” meaning horse.

They take courtship very seriously. When males are trying to catch the eye of a female, they lock tails and wrestle in an effort to try to impress her. Once a couple has paired off, the courtship gets even more intricate. They’ll twist their tails together and pirouette in a slow dance that can last for hours.

Some believe that the seahorse brings luck & good fortune. The seahorse is also considered to be a symbol of strength and power.

This lovely Sterling Silver Seahouse Pendant will hopefully bring you such luck, fortune and strength.

Approx size: 20mm wide x 45mm high


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