Nautilus Round Turquoise Bangle

Nautilus Round Turquoise Bangle


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Nautilus Round Turquoise Bangle

Sterling Silver, 925

Nautilus Round Turquoise Bangle. This is perfect accompaniment to any of our Nautilus range of jewellery.

Handcrafted with Sterling Silver. The bangle is inlaid with a 25mm round piece of the Chambered Nautilus Shell, the chambers of which are filled with a turquoise glassy resin to give it its main colour. The Nautilus shell sits perfectly on top of your wrist.

The Nautilus Shell is truly wonderous! A never ending spiral inside the shell is perfectly proportioned and a wonder of nature!

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The bangle is adjustable for any size wrist.

Approx Size: Adjustable   Shell diameter: 25mm


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