Pink sand large heart pendant
Pink sand large heart pendantBarbuda Pink Sand

Pink Sand Large Heart Pendant


Product Description

Pink Sand Large Heart Pendant

925 Sterling Silver

Pink Sand Large Heart Pendant wrapped with Sterling Silver wire.

This is a gorgeous pendant! Handmade using pink sand from Barbuda, the sister island of Antigua.

Barbuda is 38 miles north of Antigua. It is renowned for its pristine beaches which stretch for nearly 8 miles. The sand is silky, soft and amazing to see set against the turquoise waters of the Caribbean.
Even more amazing are those beaches sprinkled with Pink Sand. The Pink Sand actually made up of thousands of tiny crushed fragments of pink shells and coral.

In this Pink Sand Large Heart Pendant you can see the tiny pink shells. Each piece is handmade, natural and unique.

The Heart symbolises our love of the wonders of nature.

Dimensions: approx: 40mm; total drop 50mm


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