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  • Featured ImageSilver Chelles Boutique in Antigua – Video

    Silver Chelles Boutique in Antigua

    925 Sterling Silver Jewellery with Seashells

    Silver Chelles Boutique in Antigua – We recently had the pleasure of Antigua’s Luxury Locations Magazine visit us in store to chat about the shop and all that we offer. Owner Michelle Bates walks around the shop explaining to Nadia Dyson some of the Sterling Silver Seashell Jewellery on offer and the services we provide.

    Luxury Locations are one of the top real estate company’s in Antigua. They publish a free magazine twice a year highlighting events on the island and things to do, as well as publicising properties available for sale. Silver Chelles features in their latest issue 15 under the Lux List – a double page spread on special products you can find in the boutiques and stores throughout Antigua. Our very unique and popular Abalone Stingray pendant is featured in this issue.

    Take a look – its fun and enlightening.


  • The Bench’ – Silver Chelles, Antigua

    ‘The Bench’

    Silver Chelles, Antigua

    Have you visited Silver Chelles boutique in Redcliffe Quay? If so you may well have noticed our clever little bench outside the shop.

    It is ‘The Bench’ of many uses:

    1. The Ice cream Bench – with an Ice cream parlour just opposite, Silver Chelle’s Bench is a draw for those wishing to sit and enjoy their ice cream whilst looking at our window displays.

    The Bench

    2. The Wine O’clock Bench – I have been known to partake in the odd glass of cold white wine when friends come by. Well, why not?

    The bench

    3. The Man Bench – Looking at jewellery for a lot of men has the same attraction as women wanting to accompany their man to take a look at the latest Black and Decker Sander or drill in the local DIY store. A lot of men (not all I may add) generally last about 5 minutes in the shop looking at jewellery. They then leave the ladies to it, stating, call me when you need my credit card! They then peacefully rest their weary feet and watch the world go by on ‘The Man Bench’ outside Silver Chelles boutique. There have been many calls for the installation of a beer fridge underneath! Watch this space!

    The Bench

    4. The Honeymoon & Lovers Bench – a few smooches and cuddles have been witnessed at Silver Chelles.

    The Bench    The Bench

    5. The Chill Out Bench – “Mums in the shop, let’s just hang out here”

    The Bench

    6. The Music Bench – Buskers, Local school children, what better place than at Silver Chelles to make music!

    The Bench    The Bench

    7. The Animal Lover Bench – we get quite a few canine friends come by. Some just wag their tail in the hope of a biscuit, others are very photogenic. Meet Sam the camera lover, and the lovely couple, Max & Cindy.

    The Bench  The Bench

    8. The Festive Bench – once a year, Santa pays Silver Chelles a visit and lends us a hat or two!

    The Bench

    9. The Family, Friends & Customers Bench – Yep, you can’t go by Silver Chelles without having your picture taken

    The Bench    The Bench    The Bench    The Bench    The Bench    The Bench    The Bench    The Bench

    So what are you waiting for?

    Visiting our paradise island, Antigua? Be sure to stop by at Silver Chelles, and have your photo taken on …

    ‘The Bench’

  • Featured ImageAccents

    4 June 2015


    When considering what to write about in this part of our website, it was hard. What are our customers interested in? There’s already so much information about the jewellery and the seashells used in the product descriptions.  So, after careful consideration, I do declare this to be the entertaining, hopefully make you laugh, part of our website. I am going to share some of the experiences we have with customers and Antigua.

    Something that made me laugh out loud just recently…

    Most people in the UK and USA, by now will have seen the TV series Downton Abbey. It’s a period drama based series, featuring the posh gentry and their staff, based in Downton Abbey in the UK.

    I am from Essex in the UK. Chelmsford to be specific, which I may add, is considered the posher side of Essex. Unfortunately Essex now has a bit of an unfair reputation due to the rise of ‘reality’ and ‘scripted reality’ TV shows in the UK. If anyone asks me where I am from, I sadly now tend to say Chelmsford rather than Essex, preferring for them to work that one out for themselves, or hopefully not!

    Anyway, on a particularly busy day serving in the Silver Chelles boutique in Antigua I engaged in some jovial chat with some customers from the USA. For some reason Americans find it very hard to place my very English accent. Most think I am from Australia or South Africa. Maybe that’s as a result of all the travelling I have done? Maybe I have picked up a few different accents along the way? But to my ear I am Essex Chelmsford accent through and through. On this occasion though, I was actually told I sounded like I was from Downton Abbey.

    How chuffed was I? Finally someone recognised my well-spoken, articulate, refined accent. It was only later that this was quashed when my husband asked “did they mean you sound like the Gentry or their not so well spoken staff in Downton Abbey?”

  • SilverChelles.com – ecommerce website launched

    Welcome to our new ecommerce website:



    We are delighted to announce that, following the huge success of our shop in Historic Redcliffe Quay, St. John’s, Antigua, you are now able to buy our beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Seashell Jewellery online!

    Free delivery to anywhere in Antigua!

    Cant get into Redcliffe Quay? We will come to you. Just select the Antigua Free delivery option in your shopping cart.

    International delivery to USA, Canada, UK, Europe via Registered Post or Courier.

    Please do browse and familiarise yourself with our website.

    We have all your favourites show pieced!

    Remember to save http://SilverChelles.com as a favourite for future purchases and news updates.

    You can also like us on…

    Facebook – http://facebook.com/silverchelles

    Twitter –http://www.twitter.com/SilverChelles

    Google+ – https://plus.google.com/103780217339241964947/posts

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