Turquoise Nautilus Bracelet
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Turquoise Nautilus Bracelet


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Product Description

Turquoise Nautilus Bracelet

925 Sterling Silver

Turquoise Nautilus Bracelet – This is probably our most amazing piece of jewellery. Five small turquoise oloured Nautilus shells, set in 925 Sterling Silver on one bracelet! Just Wow!

The maximum diameter of this bracelet is approximately 220mm,but it’s linked via a T-bar and ring – with three rings to choose from you can adjust to make it smaller if you desire.

Hand-made using the wonderous Nautilus Seashell. This seashell, when sliced in half, has chambers which reflect the cyclical nature of life. As the Nautilus grows and gets bigger it moves on to its next chamber and keeps moving as it grows. The result…an amazing, perfectly proportioned spiral of chambers. When making the jewellery, each chamber is filled with a turqouise coloured glassy resin which not only make it amazing but gives the shell strength too. The natural parts of the shell are left alone and still showing. Very clever!

Size: Max 220mm diameter; Each Nautilus shell approx: 30mm x 25mm


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