Testimonials from Customers of Silver Chelles

At Silver Chelles we love getting testimonials and feedback from our customers. Thank you to those who spared a few minutes to do this. Here are a few of the testimonials we have received. This demonstrates our commitment to providing you with some beautiful, handmade silver seashell jewellery with excellent customer service from start to finish.

 “JUST WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR”                                   I love to buy handcrafted jewellery as a memento of places we visit. Silver Chelles offers beautiful shell and silver jewellery in many designs and colours. I would recommend you purchase a beautiful unique piece of shell jewellery. The store is a delight and will have you running from piece to piece to piece like a kid in a candy store. I am thrilled with my earrings as they are exactly what I had in mind as a precious memory of our time in Antigua. Jan 2018

“WONDERFUL SHOP”                                                                                                  One of the best shops in Redcliffe Quay, Antigua. Beautiful jewellery and other items. The sterling silver items were outstanding. I wanted to buy them all! Did settle on a star fish necklace. March 2018

“UNIQUE BEAUTIFUL ELEGANT JEWELLERY”                                                                                  Bought 3 exquisite pendants and a necklace. Fabulous quality. Unique designs. Elegant and eye catching. Also great after sales service from Michelle when I contacted her to buy another pendant by email. Nov 2016

“AMAZING JEWELLERY”                                                                                                                     Fantastic and unique pieces of beautiful jewellery. I love silver jewellery from my earrings to my necklace, it’s gotta be silver. This store has incredibly detailed items and I’m in love with this ring I bought today. Fits my look and I’m going back to get a few more items. Definitely recommend this as a must see 1st stop when on the hunt for classy, stylist, adjustable and memorable accessories. July 2016  

“BEAUTIFUL JEWELLERY”                                                                                                                            I visited this shop last November on my Birthday and was amazed at all the beautiful pieces of Jewellery they had, such a lovely shop with a friendly helpful lady owner. My husband purchased me two different pendants and a pair of earrings, they are so much admired and I look forward to my return this year. I would recommend this shop to lovers of handmade silver shell Jewellery. July 2016     

“LOVELY BOUTIQUE”                                                                                                                               Great place to find something for everyone including the difficult to buy for! Beautiful selection of unique jewellery and many other items. I loved it! June 2015   

“UNIQUE SEASHELL JEWELLERY THAT REALLY MAKES A STATEMENT”              Beautifully crafted sea shell jewellery found during our Eastern Caribbean cruise. The best jewellery shop I found on the entire cruise at any port. Unique and one that I will order from in the future. Mar 2015

“STUNNING UNIQUE JEWELLERY”                                                                                                       The jewellery is stunning, with a huge selection of unique pieces to choose from. Dec 2014

“GREAT JEWELLERY                                                                                                                                        I like this store because it was more reasonably priced than the other high-end jewellery stores. I wanted something a little different than the jewellery made by the local artisans (which is also very nice). I bought a necklace and coordinating earrings.  July 2014

“IMPECCABLE”                                                                                                                                             Belle sélection de bijoux originaux. Belle qualité et à bon prix. Service impeccable. Mar 2014

A fascinating collection of jewellery made from all kinds of shells. I ended up buying a pair of Nautilus Shell earrings for my wife. Jan 2014

Lovely handcrafted jewellery made from local sea shells set in silver, amazing! Feb 2014

I chose an amazing necklace. Only worn once so far and so many compliments. Feb 2014

Such unique pieces of jewellery. I treated myself to a nautilus necklace with matching earrings they are simply stunning. Jan 2014

Anyone who loves nature will be entranced by the beautiful jewellery created from nature’s bounty of shells and corals………….. the designs range from petite and graceful to big and wonderfully bold…… Sept 2013